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Extraordinary success.

YouTube has proved to be a highly useful platform for sharing my passions on the piano across the world. I've managed to gain magnificent reach and maintain a significant number of views on a lot of my videos. Due to this, my fan base is consistently growing at an astonishing rate, and I'm finding it incredibly exciting.

On your left, you can see one of my more popular videos I've taken directly from YouTube. This unique arrangement is my own live performance and was learnt solely by ear, so deriving the cover was a truly fantastic experience. This particular video has managed to exceed more than 1,000,000 views.

Music you'll love.

Unique arrangements.

Here's me playing my own piano arrangement of the popular song 'Greatest Day' by Take That. This was learnt simply by ear. It's pieces like this that I find can really add to events like weddings in particular, as they provide a perfect background sound throughout the day.

Most of the pieces I learn are completely self-taught by ear, which is why they tend to sound so unique when comparing them to many other performances out there. This particular cover is the most requested piece I get for my performances, which is mainly down to all the weddings I attend.

Beautiful classics.

Like any pianist, I do have a great passion for some of the more classical types of music that are so frequently related to the piano. A great modern example of this would be Ludovico Einaudi, who seems to consistently deliver absolutely phenomenal pieces that provide me with true inspiration. I have covered several pieces by this composer, but this is one of the favoured ones. It's pieces like this that are very well fit for almost any type of event, as they deliver a fantastic central message but can remain a beautiful background touch. There's plenty of Ludovico in my repertoire, so it's ideal for most people to request.

Discover more.

I've established quite a large audience on YouTube now and so always plan to deliver regular uploads to my fans. I'll always have an enormous passion for the piano, so sharing the piano covers I produce myself is an absolute joy. If you enjoy hearing the pieces I produce, then it would be a great pile of help if you could go ahead and purchase them in high quality via Loudr or iTunes. If you're happy with YouTube, then that's fine! I'll always love engaging with my fans there too.