Astound your guests. Hire me.

What I can do.

Known as being the most popular type of event for pianists to perform at; Weddings are high on the agenda for my workload. I have performed at countless Weddings and find it truly magnificent to share my passion with people on their special and memorable day. I am also happy to help the bride/groom select appropriate pieces for their processional, signing register and recessional music. I can tailor my repertoire list to your liking throughout any part of the day to ensure full satisfaction. Feel free to discuss with me what kind of music you wish to have at your wedding.
Hosting a special party? Perhaps it's a milestone birthday, or possibly an awards ceremony. Whatever the occasion, I would be delighted to perform at such events.
Are you looking for a lesson or two on how to play the piano? Perhaps you're a fan of my particular techniques. Whilst I'm fully self-taught and play mainly by ear, I can provide you with extremely useful lessons, advice and general tips on style and technique. Contact me for more details.
Is there a specific song you would like me to learn for your event? How about YouTube? Digital requests for YouTube are of course free, but I can never guarantee to see it through. I'll also learn songs of your choice for your event upon request, whatever it may be. If there's a special piece you would love to have at your wedding day, drop me an email and we can reach arrangements.
Looking to do business? Perhaps you need a regular pianist for your restaurant or service. I'm based in Peterborough, UK, and I'm happy to act on potential business opportunities. Try me.
Looking for lessons, a little advice or the odd help in hand? I'm available to communicate online. I'll often have a spare minute to help with something minor, but for bigger asks (such as Skype lessons), I would need to negotiate small settlements.

Why you'd choose me.

Mark has an extremely unique set of skills that deliver phenomenal performances to ensure any event is beautifully complemented with the accompany of his talent. Whatever the occasion, whether it be a party, wedding or even a chill-out, his variation of performances available on his repertoire certifies satisfaction for any type of event. So if you're looking to impress guests, or entertain them with gentle background atmosphere, Mark Fowler is the ideal pianist.

I'm available to play for any occasion, and if there is no piano available I am fortunately fully self-contained with a high class professional stage piano - the Yamaha CP4 - and extra amplification if needed, which is a stagepas 300 PA speaker system. I also have public liability insurance with an indemnity limit of £10,000,000, as well as having all equipment PAT tested each year.


"Mark did a fantastic job at delivering exactly what I asked for throughout the entire event we hosted. The party went amazingly well and all guests were delighted with the beautiful sound of his skills in the background. First class service!"

- Graham Hudspith

"Your playing throughout the entire awards ceremony was quite simply perfect. You beautifully complemented the overall atmosphere of the entire event with continuous playing of recognised pieces. We can't thank you enough."

- Yolanda Hartman & Jason Lukas

"My wife and I wish to thank you for your breath-taking performances at our wedding last month. All guests at the wedding were astonished with your beautiful renditions"

- Gary & Sarah


I've got a large variety of performances ready-to-go for any type of event. If you'd like to see the kinds of things I can perform then check out the repertoire list included below. If your personal favourite isn't on there for your event, contact me and I'll do my best to learn it.