A little about me.

The Beginning

Mark Fowler was born in the city of Peterborough, England in 1979. He started playing keyboards at a fairly young age but did not take piano seriously until 18. At 21 he bought his first piano and since then has progressed at a phenomenal rate to reach the standard of playing he is at today. Completely self taught, Mark believes his early love and passion for classical music by composers such as JS Bach, Beethoven and Mozart is what motivated and consequently drove him to learn piano by himself.

From a young age Mark could not read sheet music and so developed an innate ability to learn music by listening to it, or to play 'by ear' as it's more commonly known by today. Mark is now capable of both learning music 'by ear' or from sheet music/score, and has a vast and constantly expanding repertoire list, most of which he knows from memory.

Outstanding Growth

In 2008, Mark started his own channel on Youtube to share his talent as a pianist with the world, known as UKpiano. He has now gained a large following comprising of more than 100,000 subscribers and over 22 million total hits. This online success has given Mark the platform to share his passion for music with people from all over the world gaining huge amounts of praise for his recordings of music from the movies, current hits, classical and contemporary classical music.

Today Mark can be seen playing live around the country at different events including weddings and corporate bookings. Some of his recently recognised performances include those from the London Excel Centre Comic Con 2013, which he played in May and has been invited back again to perform in October, and a Birmingham University awards ceremony. Highly praised for his performances, which include many of his own unique arrangements of popular songs, Mark has received very positive feedback at every event.